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Our Principals


Proficiency | Finesse | Commitment


Our founding principle has always been to create alluring jewelry which not only serves our customers’ requirements but also elevates the look of all the women and men who wear our jewelry and reflects a certain element which is unique to Sigi.


The high-quality orientation is central to all that is Sigi. Attention to detail as well as designs that tell stories are two key attributes that we pride ourselves upon.


Our easily accessible office/factory is an ideal place to meet, discuss ideas and create new collaborations where customers are more than welcome to give as much input as they wish in creating their own one-of-a-kind, personalized design. The second step is then to team up with our designers, craftspeople and project managers in a productive and conversant work space, to work on all kinds of projects in CAD for private label or bespoke commissions.  


As three generations of jewelers, Sigi upholds core values:


  • Preserving the flawless standards of our jewelry and the utmost privacy with our clients.

  • Creating with expertise and finesse to the best of our abilities and never cutting corners.

  • Demonstrating dedication through our customer service and business processes.

  • Advancing our creative mentality, embracing new ideas and developing our novelty designs while always sustaining originality.

  • Ensuring inspired teamwork, with all our employees at the heart of our day to day operations and our department managers decisions at all stages of our production cycle.

  • Persevering with a forward-looking attitude and always striving to improve our abilities.

These core values, shared by all Sigi employees, guide us in fulfilling our vision of becoming the branded manufacturer that delivers the most personal jewelry experience. They express the core of our company. They guide us as we interact with our colleagues, with people outside the organization - from our business partners to our customers, with our stakeholders, as well as with our surroundings. 
Vowing to live by these values each day – now and in the future – is what Sigi Life is all about. This promise is what makes the global Sigi team truly unique and exceptionally strong.

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