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More than 50 Years of Excellence

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Established in 1972, the Sigi Group of Companies commemorates over five decades of creating masterpieces using the only the most incredible diamonds and the rarest of gemstones including Colombian & Zambian Emeralds, Burmese Rubies and Sri - Lankan & Burmese Sapphires. We pride ourselves on our excellent make and sophisticated designs, specializing in handset diamond jewelry and have manufactured jewelry for many leading brands around the world. We create timeless pieces that age beautifully and are passed down through generations and become family heirlooms.

This statement collection is meticulously crafted by Sigi, from the endless treasures of the Earth and inspired by the seas. Like the millions of corals under the deep blue sea, we have hundreds of designs and models for you to customize and choose from. 

The High Jewelry Coral Collection

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

At Sigi, we work one-on-one with our clients to create jewelry from concepts and prototypes to end products. With perceptive creativity, teamwork, and professionalism we devise only the best jewelry creations, always manufacturing with optimal consistency at all levels. As a result, our fine jewelry creations are defined by their marketability, luxury value, design, aesthetic, comfort, and craftsmanship.


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