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Mr. Radha Raman Rawat -

Founder & President of Sigi Group

Mr. Radha Raman Rawat is the President and the Founder of Sigi Group., Ltd. a diamond jewelry company which he single-handedly founded in 1975 after moving to Bangkok from India. He established one of the leading and specialized fine jewelry manufacturing companies of Thailand and South East Asia. Since the beginning Mr. Rawat's philosophy has always been trust and has built Sigi to be a company where trust is a tradition!

Rishi Rawat - Co-CEO

Rishi Rawat is the Co - CEO of Sigi Group, Ltd. together with his brother Abhishek Rawat.

Today, he is the creative mind behind Sigi Group and heads the departments of conceptual design, product development, prototyping, advanced manufacturing, and artisanship. He is a creator and a motivator who conveys to inspire.


Always encouraging designers and artisans to put optimum refinement and dedication in every piece of jewelry made at Sigi Group, he is always on a quest to find the perfect gem. As a creative director, Rishi strives to redefine every detail in order to make the most affluent and not only visually pleasing but high-quality jewelry.


Rishi’s educational and learning alignment is in Jewelry Manufacturing and Gemology, which he learned from Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Abhishek Rawat - Co-CEO

Abhishek Rawat is the Co - CEO of Sigi Group together with his brother Rishi Rawat.

Today, he directs the strategic and business directives of the company and is hands on involved on safeguarding the high business ethics and immaculate output standards which Sigi Group, Ltd. is known to have built throughout its corporate history. He also works one on one with clients at many of our trade shows, helping them find pieces that will soon become staples in their jewelry collection.


Sustaining the best practices in finance, customer service, marketing, sales and after sales, delivering and creating high- end private label diamond jewelry is Abhishek’s forte, ensuring that the company’s full focus is lent on the continuous development at every level of service, or product offered by Sigi Group.

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