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Customer Service

Sigi takes every customer relation seriously and considers customer satisfaction to be a main focus of its commitment for shared success. Our persistence to keep steady communication with our clients has always led us to success on both ends. We are willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure that our clients' dream product is created with only the best materials and to sustain the mutual trust and long term relationship which we have with our customers.

At Sigi, we work with care. Our way of working from the heart forms the ties of relationships that bond us with our customers. Our products are the results of our eye for detail and our commitment to our business partners and ultimately the consumers. That is why we produce only quality jewelry, which tell a story in every piece.


Whether you contact us on a consultation or a price quotation we would love to hear from you and will answer all your questions on design, manufacturing, pricing, CAD and bespoke services for our finished fine jewelry products. Our service orientation runs parallel in all our departments and it will be our pleasure to cater to you.

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